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Please note that A1Class provide the best service available across, between and around our two offices in London and the Kent area.

We will carry our customer promise that you will not be disappointed with our services and definitely recommend our services to your family and friends once you’ve experienced our services.

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When we carry out your estimate, we will generally know approximately how long it will take. Sometimes it will be shorter and sometimes it will be longer – it’s the nature of our business.

We neither reduce/increase the price based on the time the estimated works take. Therefore if we took 2.5 days, we wouldn’t invoice you for an additional half-day. We work on price per project; we don’t calculate a day or hourly rate.

I have an elderly relative and I would like to be there when you visit to estimate, is that ok?

Of course, absolutely – we would actually prefer it if you were present at the time of our appointment.

Do our Carpenters demolish things?

Yes, a carpenter can disassemble wooden structures safely & often in a way that will leave timber in a state that it can be reused / reassembled.

Does a Carpenter source materials?

Yes, a carpenter usually has a list of suppliers they trust to source quality materials and fixings, so they can quickly acquire what they need for the job.

Does a carpenter build stairs?

Yes, a carpenter will take the blueprint for stairs and turn it into a staircase.

Does our Carpenters work with materials other than timber?

Yes, they will often work with Upvc, steel, concrete & wood substitutes like composites.

Does your Carpenter identify framework & areas that need replacing or fixing?

Yes, a carpenter can assess framework and other areas around the home or workplace where the timber is in poor condition. 

Does a carpenter remove building site debris?

Yes, they are well equipped to remove old materials and debris via a skip or other methods in accordance with current environmental regulations. Although we don’t have a waste license, we are able to provide a licensed carrier or method of waste removal essential for workplace safety and professionalism.

Do you accept card payments?

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal. We also accept Bank Transfer

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